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The best in the world are listed on two pages:
Hall of Fame 1: free style
Hall of Fame 2: default routes

To qualify for the Hall of Fame 1, you can run on any possible route.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame 2, you have to stay within the fences and walls, and you have to pass all checkpoint banners.

The Hall of Fame 2 was started in March 2012, there are still some gaps to fill.

Alpine Easy, Canyon Run, Epreuve du Canyon, Kanjoni, Canyon-Rennen
Alpine Medium, Cliff Slalom, Slalom serré, Jyrkänteet, Klippenslalom
Alpine Hard, The Ice Cave, Caverne de glace, Jääluola, Die Eishöhle
Forest Easy, Frozen Stream, Torrent gelé, Jäätynyt joki, Zugefrorener Fluss
Forest Medium, Trainspotting, Junailua
Forest Hard, Alpine River, Rivière alpine, Vuoristojoki, Gebirgsbach
Village Easy, Village Hills, Coteaux du village, Kylä kukkuloilla, Hügel beim Dorf
Village Medium, Street Dash, A travers les rues, Kortteliralli, Auf den Straßen
Village Hard, Rooftops, Sur les toits, Lumiset katot, Hausdächer
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