Supreme Snowboarding



2005/10/19 No CD Crack usually not needed with the Add-on installed
2010/2/15 modified loading screen picture alternative screen picture by Xinfe
2010/2/15 modified Guide picture type cheat "ope" to make Guide playable
2012/10/5 modified menu picture modified menu design, 12 different designs
2012/10/6 modified background picture modified background (as the title says)
2014/8/1 SSB_MUSIC picture the 9 original songs of the game, plus 56 selected songs (list see here), internal .adp format
2015/12/24 Alpine Easy 1.12.58 picture AVI video: my route, my world record
2017/1/28 DAT Analyzer picture race statistics by Oleg M
2017/7/28 modified sound picture modified sound effects by SESH
2017/8/9 Alpine Hard 1.04.00 picture AVI video: with music by Kraftwerk
2017/8/9 modified boards picture for Full version only, bug-fixed; the limited edition already includes the modified boards
2018/6/15 Italian picture Italian menu and sound, bug-fixed
2018/6/15 Spanish picture Spanish menu and sound, bug-fixed
2018/7/8 Village Medium 1.39.38 picture AVI video: new route requires new Add-on
2018/10/28 SSB Transparent picture AVI video: 9 races via transparent ground, with music by Kraftwerk
2019/2/22 Portuguese picture Portuguese menu, bug-fixed

Please use this newest, improved installers only and delete all older installers with the same name.
All downloads are for your private and uncommercial use only.
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