Supreme Snowboarding


Village Medium 1.34.75  Oleg M
Village Medium 1.35.82  Oleg M
Village Medium 1.37.07  Michael
Village Medium 1.12.29  Michael
Alpine Easy 1.12.79  Michael
Alpine Medium 1.27.41  Michael
Alpine Hard 1.04.86  Michael
Alpine Medium 1.23.54  Michael
Forest Easy 1.18.08  Michael
Forest Easy 1.20.86  Michael
Forest Medium /
Forest Hard
1.10.76  Michael
Forest Medium /
Forest Hard
1.02.40  Michael
Forest Easy 1.11.96  Michael
Village Medium 1.10.79  Michael
Forest Medium /
Forest Hard
1.33.62  Michael
Alpine Medium 1.36.23  Michael
Alpine Easy 1.25.43  Michael
Village Medium 1.25.46  Michael
Village Medium 1.34.06  Michael
Alpine Easy 1.35.93  Michael
2018/7/3 a new route
2018/7/2 a new route
2018/6/13 a new route
2018/6/11 a new route
2018/1/27 best of 2018
2017/9/30 via Alpine Easy canyon
2017/8/5 fast race on Oli's route
2017/4/24 riding on the ridge
2017/4/7 riding on the ridge
2017/1/1 fastest race ever on the right
2016/12/20 fastest race ever on the right
2016/12/12 fastest combined race ever on non-transparent ground
2016/11/15 on the right, finally through the tunnel
2016/10/25 fastest race coming in from behind
2014/10/23 fastest race on Forest Medium default route via Forest Hard
2013/1/22 The Art of Flight
2012/4/15 fastest race ever on this route
2012/3/17 fastest race on default route R (right)
2012/3/17 fastest race on default route Z (left/right)
2012/2/21 a new and very special route


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