Supreme Snowboarding

FAQ - Cheats

Five cheats "aja", "bbi", "lee", "ope" and "ori" can be enabled at any menu of the game. The baa of a bleating sheep indicates that the activation was successful. Most of the cheats are to be used in combination with keys:

cheat key effect
ope enable Guide Rider as 7th character
lee enable hard tracks temporarily (not needed with the Add-on installed)
lee PgUp / PgDn change speed (cheating!)
lee F all players fall immediately
aja S save your last race as Replay.dat
aja R restart repeat mode after races
ori 0 ... 9 / K / J various visual effects
ori C switch from ingame camera view to camera view, and vice versa
ori O slow-motion
ori Tab display video diagnostic information
bbi F3 start/stop a series of screenshots (.tga) in game folder \images
aja E start internal game editor (more information on demand)
aja F6 start AI heuristic mode ¹)
aja F8 record AI paths for the game ¹)

¹) you have to restart the game to disable this mode

To enable all five cheats at once, type "aja bbi lee ope ori" (or in any other order).

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