Чистое зло: Террор Россия

Russian terror in Ukraine

Russia attacks and destroys Ukraine, homeland of my friend and co-admin Oleg M who had to flee his country in March 2022 and still is abroad. I and all good people stand with Ukraine, stand with Oleg, with his family, with all Ukrainians who resist the Russian invasion and terror. Naturally Ukraine must be completely liberated from Russia. There is no alternative.

EU Solidarity with Ukraine
Twitter channel of Andriij Melnyk
The Sun - YouTube channel
Russia's distortions, dishonesty, disinformation
Russlands verdrängte Kolonialgeschichte
Donate to Ukrainian Army or charities
Transfer from a Card for Humanitarian Aid
Putin ordnet Europa neu - WELT (PDF)
Maria Moskalyova anti-war drawing

For the Olympic Games in Paris and sport in general without Russia, without Russians. —

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