Supreme Snowboarding

Tracks for Demo version       10 November 2020

The Demo Tracks package contains the playable tracks of the full version:

Alpine Easy (Canyon Run - Epreuve du Canyon - Canyon-Rennen)
Alpine Medium (Cliff Slalom - Slalom serré- Klippenslalom)
Alpine Hard (The Ice Cave - Caverne de glace - Die Eishöhle)

Forest Easy (Frozen Stream - Torrent gelé- Zugefrorener Fluss)
Forest Medium (Trainspotting)
Forest Hard (Alpine River - Rivière alpine - Gebirgsbach)

Village Easy (Village Hills - Coteaux du village - Hügel beim Dorf)
Village Medium (Street Dash - A travers les rues - Auf den Straßen)
Village Hard (Rooftops - Sur les toits - Hausdächer)


The Demo Tracks are for Supreme Snowboarding Demo version only.

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