Supreme Snowboarding

Hall of Fame 1.3   around transparent ground ("semi-real")

2 3 4–
Alpine Easy
1.45.53  Michael 2.05.80  Oleg M    
Alpine Easy
Alpine Medium n/a
Alpine Hard n/a
Forest Easy
1.02.69  Matt
1.03.96  SESH 1.08.51  Michael
1.08.92  Oleg M
Forest Easy
1.24.91  Michael 1.28.09  Oleg M    
Forest Medium/
Forest Hard
1.00.96  SESH 1.02.40  Michael 1.05.60  Oleg M  
Forest Medium/
Forest Hard
1.28.82  Michael 1.51.24  Oleg M    
Village Easy n/a
Village Medium n/a
Village Hard n/a


The table lists the best around transparent ground ("semi-real") on 28 June 2023.

around transparent ground: = on the right side,  = on the left side,   = on different routes

Only available routes.

Only races with default characters and boards, without any manipulation in the settings, without cheats, without fall/Esc/Return to track.

You can watch every race as demo race in the Demo version, with Demo Add-on and Demo Tracks installed.

The times in the Hall of Fame are the DirectX times. The ranking in the Hall of Fame depends on the total time, read here.

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