Supreme Snowboarding

limited edition       18 June 2022

The limited edition SSB_FULL.EXE is a reduced Full version. Before you download the limited edition, read the following information carefully:

You do not necessarily need the limited edition if you already have the Full version. Install either the limited edition, or the Full version, but not both. You can buy a CD-ROM with the Full version for only 5 € for example at Amazon or eBay.

The limited edition contains the Housemarque patch SSB_UPDATE_1035.EXE, the Add-on Add-on.exe and the boards of modified_boards.exe. Do not install these three programs at the limited edition, or the game will crash; in case of crashes reinstall the limited edition. All other installers for the Full version can be used for the limited edition as well.

An advantage of the limited edition, compared to the Full version: Reinstalling the limited edition does not overwrite your own best races and high times files. Compared to the Full version, the limited edition does not contain: intro video, background animations, music, alternative resolutions, Bulk characters, default top 5 races, some of the boards. All removed files are not needed to play the game.

The installer is for visitors of this website only. The download link is for visitors of this website only. Download for your private and uncommercial use only.


Please delete all older SSB_FULL.EXE

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