Supreme Snowboarding

Music 2

SSB_MUSIC2.EXE installs 135 new songs to the game (internal .adp format).

SSB_MUSIC2.EXE is not a replacement for SSB_MUSIC.EXE, but an additional music collection. Both music installers are for your private and uncommercial use only.

Before you can install the music, install the game to the folder C:\Games\Supreme

If you have SSB_MUSIC.EXE of 2014 with 162 songs, please edit the file music_config.txt and delete the part with "Nationalhymne der UdSSR", the national anthem of the USSR.

Putting the anthem of a terror state on the playlist was a bad very idea. We should not celebrate Russia, not even the music, and especially not the national anthem, as bombastic as Russia's devastation and mass murder in Ukraine and potentially everywhere in Europe. So please delete the Russian shit.

For a review of the Russian crimes, see in our forum here.

14 May 2022