Supreme Snowboarding

FAQ - Race Files

All race files in the game folders c:\Games\Supreme\...\Replays\ have the same format:

Guide.dat Guide Rider original tracks
Guide0.dat Guide Rider Special tracks + Xinfe tracks
top 5 races — race data saved in c:\Games\Supreme\Saved_Data\*high_times.txt

Replay.dat saved by cheat AJA + S

You can use every saved races as Guide.dat or as Replay_*.dat.

You can save every race in the mode Time Attack as long when not more than 4 lines ending with ,1, in the files *high_times.txt. Simply replace all redundant ,1, with ,0,. You can edit the files *high_times.txt anytime, even when you are playing - but check the data after you quit the game.

You can also save every race or every event (Half-pipe, Air) with the cheat "aja" + S, see next page.
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