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Hall of Fame

The best in the world according to our rules: updated
Hall of Fame 1 free choice of route   2022/11/17
  Hall of Fame 1.1   on non-transparent ground ("real")   2022/11/17
  Hall of Fame 1.2   via transparent ground ("unreal") 2022/8/25
  Hall of Fame 1.3   around transparent ground ("semi-real") 2021/11/27
Hall of Fame 2 default routes   2022/11/17
Hall of Fame 3 Xinfe Park, Xinfe Downhill 2021/10/5
Hall of Fame 4 (other) Special tracks 2021/1/7

The races in first place are the official world records according to rule 20.

The Hall of Fame is for the civilized world only and will never again contain players from Russia.

Зал славы предназначен только для цивилизованного мира и больше никогда не будет включать в себя игроков из России. Слава Украине. Да будут уничтожены все русские захватчики.
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